Who’s Stupid?

I consistently hear people in the So-Called Patriot Movement(tm) talking about how stupid the feds are. Well, as this story proves yet again, those stupid feds keep getting people with the same old schtick. Every time. The same freaking thing. So who’s really stupid here?

Note the all-too-familiar formula:

1) All about the Facebook postings.

2) Someone magically shows up, agrees with everything they say, and oh, look, he can help with your plan (or he HAS a plan).

3) The media is right there to twist it all up and make it sound even better. To be fair, these three didn’t exactly need that. They did a great job all on their own.

Although I think the postings themselves are mostly pretty tame for the most part, the point (once again), is that Facebook is not safe. Not your pages, not your timelines, not your messages, nothing.

Also: Mr. “Hey I’m New But I Can Help With Your Big Plan” should have been kicked to the curb without the time of day. Then again, all of those guys were toxic. Anyone with two brain cells should have seen them as such.

FAR too many groups have the same dynamic. The idiotic guy with a big mouth, and the person who’s far too willing to leverage that. If you aren’t willing to kick the big-mouthed idiot, rest assured you’ll have all of the problems that go with him.

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