Transgender ‘Social Contagion’

Robert Stacy McCain has an excellent piece up regarding the transgender propaganda and psyops campaign, and how it’s affecting children. He writes:

OK, so what happens when activists seize control of the education establishment and begin exploiting children’s psychological vulnerability? And what if the pro-LGBT indoctrination program (which the schools disguise as “anti-bullying” curriculum) is reinforced my television programming, including shows on PBS, Nickelodeon, Disney, MTV, etc., aimed at audiences of children from toddlers to teenagers?

What if dozens of academic researchers, including Ph.D.’s in psychology and sociology, are part of a government-funded push to encourage homosexuality and “gender non-conforming” behavior among kids? Well, if this were the case, what results could we expect to see?

Exactly what we’re seeing — a rash of children (and moronic parents) suddenly deciding that they aren’t what they were born to be.

While this isn’t typically the type of material I post here, I think it’s both fascinating and critical to understand. The Left has always been betterr at the Culture War, and this is just another conflict in that same war.

If at all possible, homeschool your kids. Teach them morals and a firm foundation. Answer the ridiculous crap they see on TV — or better yet, give them a book to read instead.  The only person who can raise and train your child better than anyone else is you.

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  1. Homeschooling is not necessarily the answer. We tried that, but unless we were willing/able to keep the internet ENTIRELY out of our home/life, then perhaps we could have protected our daughter. Unfortunately, she was on the internet and was completely brainwashed into believing she was transgender. For the time being, she is now lost to us. Taking T and on the road to permanently maiming her body.
    It’s foolish to think we can protect all of our kids from this insanity. It’s coming at them from everywhere; internet, school, college, tv, media of all kinds. The medical/mental health providers need to finally take a stand. But will they?

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