Get Free Gold and Silver by Sweeping BTC Profits

Bitcoin has gone through the roof; if you bought yours anytime before a month or so ago, chances are you’ve doubled your money, at least. That means now’s an excellent time to sweep some or even all of your profits into a precious metal.

As an example: if you started with $100 and now own $280 or so, go to your favorite merchant that accepts Bitcoin and buy $100-180 of gold or silver. 

Basically, it means you get free precious metals, and it leaves your seed money in bitcoin to keep climbing while still protecting your profits from any drops. 
It might go against your gambler nature and you might want to let it ride longer, but it’s far smarter to take the money and run…at least, take the profits. Since BTC shows no sign of stopping its upward climb, you’ll have more profit to sweep soon enough. 

Encryption: Government Hypocrisy Round #34897

Look who decided they needed encryption: the US government. That’s not hypocritical at all. Of course, they claim it’s because of the big, bad Trump-monster and his fascism.

The core issue is this: the government, an entity that is supposed to serve the people, is fighting any and all accountability.  Even as officials balk at transparency, they simultaneously demand a litany of agencies have full, unfettered, and warrantless access to every detail of the lives of private citizens.

It’s a complete 180 from the way things should be, and in case you’re not really paying attention, it’s getting worse by the day.

Encryption Update

CSG has the new updates for NSA encryption. As he points out, if the watchers are upping their own standards, you should too.