So What Exactly SHOULD You Be Doing?

There’s a certain peace in accepting a situation as it is, as I talked about yesterday. For many who still believe that camo and rallies are the way to change the status quo, acceptance means, on some level, taking away their purpose. I get that it’s a hard thing to accept; if you’re not ‘working for the cause,’ what else is there?  When you’re suddenly not spending insane amounts of time and (often someone else’s) money on the ‘fight for liberty,’ what are you supposed to do with yourself? It can cause some severe psychological effects for those who are engrossed in it.

I get that sentiment. My own thought progression has occurred over several years as well.  I’ve done the rally thing, the open activism thing. I’ve given speeches at events and sang the anthem in front of tens of thousands in DC. At each and every action, my heart was 100% in it — I believed in the necessity of fighting, and the hope that we could change things.

Over time, those beliefs were challenged again and again by watching what was going on around me. I can’t tell you how many times I had to find a way to either cease being ignorant, or cease being honest.  Little by little, the books I read, the things I saw, the facts I had to accept changed me.

Throughout that time, I’ve approached people I didn’t agree with and asked them to explain their position. I’ve studied the feedback I’ve gotten on various articles and taken the time to study the viewpoints of those who disagreed with me. I’ve tried to take all of that to heart and truly learn from it. I’ve said before — and just said again this morning — I’d rather be factually correct than be ‘right,’ and that means having to be brutally honest with myself when it’s possible I’m wrong.

That process means that some things I’ve done, I won’t do again. It means my involvement with certain communities or groups had to end. It means that I no longer agree with viewpoints I once shouted from the rooftops. Sometimes that knowledge is a bit embarrassing, quite frankly.  In most cases, however, I don’t regret it because it was a place on a journey that is ongoing.  I don’t want to remain stagnant, I don’t ever want to reach a place in my quest for knowledge where I think I’ve “arrived,” and can now retire to meme-sharing and pontificating in comment threads. I want to continue to learn, and to help others around me learn as well.

There is much more to all of this than we realize, and there’s no way any of us will ever know every single aspect of it all. But I think it’s a noble undertaking to give it every effort to try, to read and study and learn from those who are smarter than we are, or who have much to teach.

It takes a certain humility to do that — and I sometimes struggle with that because I’m human. It requires setting aside feelings and desires and even emotional needs in order to seek facts, objectivity, and analysis.  Sometimes it even requires setting aside personal dislike of a messenger in order to truly hear the message. There is something to be learned from everyone — even if they are a cautionary tale.  I daresay I’ve learned just as much from watching poor examples set by others (or even myself) than I learn from the solid role models — the numbers of which seem to be dwindling by the day.

What is ‘the answer?’ I’m not a guru. I know what I know, and I’m painfully aware of what I don’t. For me, the answer is to continue to seek truth — not the warm and fuzzy stuff that makes me feel good about ‘fighting for liberty,’ but the cold, hard truths that let me know exactly where I’m at, what needs to be done, and how I can get it accomplished.  Right now, that means training on my firearms and associated things, but it also means learning how to breed chickens for positive traits. It means learning how to get the absolute most yield out of a garden plot — and how to preserve that yield in a variety of ways. It means understanding the ins and outs of graywater recycling and networking with neighbors to create avenues of trade.  It means learning how to create medicines with the bounties of nature, and how to grow all of those components yourself. It also means a lot of reading — everything from philosophy to history to logic to how-to manuals on a host of things I wouldn’t normally have the faintest idea about how to accomplish.

That sounds like a lot of work — and it is. Oddly enough, however, when I stopped going to rallies and yapping on FB groups and getting on a thousand conference calls and organizing various actions, I suddenly had a lot more time to focus on the things that will help me prepare for a situation I cannot control and cannot stop.

I still believe in liberty. I still agree with privacy and the right to have the government leave me alone. I still believe all of those things. I also, however, believe that our time is best spent working on the things we CAN change, the things we CAN accomplish — and all of the things on that list come under one heading:

local, local, local.


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  1. Thank you for your honesty and the courage it took to speak truth to that which is inherently not truthful….
    Many have made similar decisions in the journey to the true essence of community. Knowledge of and use of skills and practicum in support of community is our vehicle of hope for a sustainable future for our families. Thank you again. Beautifully said.

  2. Excellent! I’ve been through some of the processes you describe, the soul-searching, the struggling for how to make a difference. And, I’ve come to some of the same conclusions: Local!

    I try to educate my friends, acquaintances, and those that lack the time and tenacity to spend a dozen hours/day filtering the MSM lies, the trolls, the publicity-seekers, etc, and settle on what I perceive to be the truth, and my speculations on why and who’s behind it.

    Indeed, if I make an impact on my circles, perhaps they will on theirs, and the truth will emerge. I just hope it does quickly eneough, befor Civil War II breaks out and the NWO folks have justification to impose the unratified U.N. small arms ban world wide.

  3. And just going to add if your local area is not conducive to Liberty, Sustainability, or Survivability then your top priority above all else is moving to somewhere that is…Look at Houston right now and just imagine being stuck there with no help on the way and take that times 100 when the SHTF…Look at all those clamoring for help and just imagine your unprepared and violent neighbors looking at you for lunch after everything goes to shit…It’s one thing I can’t stress enough…

  4. You are a liar sowing despair to encourage people not to fight.

    1. You will NOT be left alone – anyone who’s been following the left knows that control is what they’re all about.

    You correctly note the pervasive surveillance state – so exactly what features of your 19th century agrarian-barter fantasy will protect you against increasingly invasive and cheap technology?

    A $200 dollar drone sprays widely available herbicides over your farm while you’re sleeping. Goodbye self-sufficiency!

    Google “holodomor” to see how the Bolsheviks targeted agrarian populations – and they did it without the technology advantages Leviathan now has.

    2. You will NOT be left alone (Part 2)
    Check out how the following socialist countries have treated famers and private landholders:
    South Africa

    You will NOT be left alone on your land. Especially when food starts becoming scarce.

    3. Prepare, as well, to live in abject poverty. To pay much more money/time/labor for the bare necessities, and to still suffer malnourishment and bury children when your herbal “remedies” don’t work.

    Unless you can distill some of your corn into computer chips….

    The economic advantages brought by technology to agriculture and other areas are geometric multiples. All this will be controlled by Leviathan.

    The bad old days really were hard. Not just “simpler” – harsh.

    A minority will survive your prescription – the majority will not even try because of they (correctly) see the hardship.

    Stop lying – stop telling people they can take their toys and blankie and go home. The Left has already made it clear that it intends to poke its nose everywhere.

    There is no alternative to taking back the West.

    You will NOT be left alone.
    You will NOT be left alone.
    You will NOT be left alone.

    1. Interesting. I never once said don’t fight. I didn’t say lay down your guns and go home. I said rallies are pointless and there’s more TO the fight than running around in your camo. So first you construct a straw man argument and then accuse me of being a liar based on it.

      While I applaud the passion in your statement, i think you missed my actual point. As a result, there’s nothing to debate. Anytime you want to actually debate what I said, let me know.

      1. …I read it very clear…don’t go it alone, stay resourceful and find others with various skills sets, create a tribe or be part of a tribe and try to keep it local, while the enemy sleeps you prepare, hold your cards close to your vest, don’t get distracted by naysayers, be vocal when necessary-be silent when required. The most dangerous person in a disruption is not the guy yelling and screaming, but the guy not saying anything–they are focusing on the big picture and will be methodical and devastating in their choice of when to strike…………..preparation is fighting.

  5. Wow. Ben David. I want to join *your* cult. I’ll bet you get all the girls.

    So – what do you propose, exactly? Since apparently you’ve monopolized all the despair?

  6. Kit, I’d like to hear more about what you consider to be ‘local.’

    The ‘local’ I see is self ownership, the attitude of self responsibility, self control. Then, the individual can determine who to interact with, hopefully other self owners.

    Otherwise, the free market depends on the ability of people to have the ability to trade with anyone else, at whatever distance. A willing seller and a willing buyer who agree on the exchange and the value of it. These are the only requirements. Trade across the globe has been one of the major facilitators for both civilization and improved quality of life. I don’t see that changing now.

    “Local” only in that context is self defeating. The only result of attempting to be completely self sufficient is abject poverty. Nobody can do everything that needs to be done, even in the most primitive situation.

    1. I’m not sure where you saw me advocating that I can do everything, or that anyone should try. As for your comment that “Trade across the globe has been one of the major facilitators for both civilization and improved quality of life,” I can only say this: If you can figure out how to individually involve yourself in trade agreements on a global scale, without getting either 1) hung up by the current laws, or 2) hung up by the lack of infrastructure later, then by all means. Your individual self should become a global trading magnate. 😉

      1. That doesn’t answer the question, Kit. I can’t discuss this with you unless I understand what you mean by “local.” If it is not this mythical “self sufficient” idea, then what exactly are you advocating?

        I don’t have to personally work out a trade with people around the world. There are entrepreneurs everywhere willing and able to facilitate that trade. It would be much better, of course, in a truly free market. But we have to live in the here and now.

        1. The entire premise of these articles was not “You must grow all food and goods yourself,” and I think it’s an idiotic semantics argument to assume that it was. In fact, the core of the articles dealt with the switch from rally activism to preparedness activism. Instead of putting on the camo and running out to the next ‘event,’ which accomplishes nothing, I was simply encouraging people to network at home, to learn how to be more sustainable, to work out ways within their communities to build relationships, trade agreements, and whatever else is necessary to survive an inevitable.

          As for the whole “abject poverty” thing, no one said we should all quit our jobs and ‘live off the land.’ I’m merely saying learn skills that are applicable in a SHTF situation that would be apt to happen in your area. For me, that involves not just the standard raising food/recycling water, but it also means learning fire prevention/suppression/behavior, including weather. For the folks in Texas, that means a whole new set of skills dealing with flood, and all of the nasty diseases and peripheral things that happen with it.

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