Questions on Syria

I have a few questions.

Should Russia have bombed the United States after Waco? Ruby Ridge? Perhaps China should have gotten involved in surgical strikes on abortion clinics back in the late 1970s and early 80s?

Oh, you say with a superior smirk, China is also engaged in abortion so that would be hypocritical. The US is stopping Assad from doing horrible things to his people, like gassing them.

Thanks for proving my point. I mean, the US government has never gassed its own people, right?

I have way more proof of the US government doing things to the American people than I do on Assad doing things to Syrians–and quite frankly, so do you. And last I checked, Syria wasn’t sending troops over here to stop the US government. Why? Because sending troops/weapons/death/destruction over to another country is an act of war. 

I keep hearing things like the following:

  • We need to just trust the President.

Why? Why do we need to trust anyone? In fact, the Founders specifically told us NOT to trust those who do these things, NOT to trust those who even APPROACH our liberties. So far, Trump has already shown he is quite willing to not only approach them, but bargain with them.  You can claim all day long that it’s just “negotiation tactics,” but let me point something out. Our rights should never be used as a negotiation tactic. Not ever.

  • We’ll never know the whole story because of the corrupt media.

That’s probably true. So why in God’s green earth are you willing to sacrifice your children for a situation that you admit you know jack squat about? Oh, did you just mean to send other people’s children? That’s what I thought.

  • We have to stop Assad.

From what? Why? and why US? If you’re going to go hogwild in Syria, then you better line up for North Korea,  China, and a bunch of other tinpot dictators too. I mean, let’s just free everyone in the whole world!

  • Only traitors don’t support the military.

Don’t even give me that crap. I was in the military.  I don’t have to jump up and down in some kind of patriotic flop dance for every single thing the military does no matter how wrong, and you doing so doesn’t make you SuperPatriot(tm). It makes you a sheep.

  • Big things are coming! Have faith!

Oh, believe me. I absolutely have faith that “big things” are coming.

Folks, you need to constantly evaluate your belief system. Is it factual?  Does the evidence support it? (And I don’t mean your latest Q crap either.) if not, what DOES the evidence support? Set emotions aside. Do the mental work necessary to plot out the potentials and figure out what the logical progression is here.

When an honest but ignorant man is presented with truth, he either ceases to be ignorant, or he ceases to be honest.



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  1. I couldn’t agree more. As a true patriot said, ” The consolidation of the states into one vast empire, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it.” (Robert E. Lee)

    1. If you remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, I do not understand how this can scare you more. We were eyeball to eyeball with the Communists. They blinked simply because of our superiority in Naval assets and nuclear weapons. Cuba was as real as it gets. I remember every day of it, even though I was in high school.
      This Syria thing is 90% theater. The real issue is whether the U.A.E. gets their gas line to Eurabia, or does Putin get to sell his gas to Eurabia. Follow the money. At this stage in world history, all of the players have way too much to loose if the nukes start flying. Bleib ubrig.

  2. I am not going to completely disagree, but I would like to point out that of ALL those we have put in office over the last 50++ years, he is the first to keep as many of the promises that he has the power to keep. We have managed to re-elect the most accomplished LIARS to the remainder of the offices. I am certain that he is NOT perfect and agree that we should not be in Syria. However, if he said that he would do that and has kept his promise, then it is time to “Beat Feet” out of the area (and I mean the Middle East, perhaps, save for what “dependable” allies there). I don’t accept that we are “isolationists” if we fail to participate in the endless drain on our Treasury and American lives, the most important part of that Treasury. I don’t see him as a dictator nor the Messiah only a man that has come as close as I can remember to keeping his word (and I am 74 y/o).

  3. Any household with chlorine bleach or ammonia has a chemical weapon precursor – if you have both, you have a binary weapon. If you have chlorine bleach and alcohol, you have a binary weapon.
    So where should we send the missile?
    Tell the lie often enough and it becomes an accepted fact – while it was never in doubt that chemical weapons were used, that’s not the same as saying it must have been the government that did so. The OPCW has produced an entire website dealing with nothing but Syria – here’s some of the reports so far:

    1. To wit:
      “The scope of the Fact-Finding Mission’s mandate does not include the task of
      attributing responsibility for the alleged use1”

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