Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day

In the upcoming book I’m working on with Claire Wolfe, one of the points we keep trying to drive home is that people looking to do resistance work need to be able to separate ideology from tactics. What that means is, don’t throw out a solid point or idea for action just because it was said by someone you don’t like, and don’t jump on a stupid or dangerous idea just because you like the person who’s advocating it.

The above precept requires critical thinking. It requires swallowing your hatred for an idea if the people espousing it have an ingenious method of spreading it that you can use for your own ends.

This morning I came across the following statement on Gab. I’ve edited it a bit for clarity and to remove identifying info, for reasons that will be apparent momentarily.

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Secret Predictive Policing in New Orleans

Good thing we have a Constitution to prevent this kind of thing. /sarcasm

According to Ronal Serpas, the department’s chief at the time, one of the tools used by the New Orleans Police Department to identify members of gangs like 3NG and the 39ers came from the Silicon Valley company Palantir. The company provided software to a secretive NOPD program that traced people’s ties to other gang members, outlined criminal histories, analyzed social media, and predicted the likelihood that individuals would commit violence or become a victim. As part of the discovery process in Lewis’ trial, the government turned over more than 60,000 pages of documents detailing evidence gathered against him from confidential informants, ballistics, and other sources — but they made no mention of the NOPD’s partnership with Palantir, according to a source familiar with the 39ers trial.
And it gets worse.

Seattle To Remove Controversial City Spying Network After Public Backlash

Well, it’s about time

Then again, is the city going to suddenly care about privacy? No. Look for something else on the back end.