The Captain Issues a Challenge

Herschel makes the intelligence community an offer:

To any FBI or CIA agent or analyst who is willing to contact me and supply proof of employment and station, I’ll publish your information on John Podesta proving that he isn’t a child molester, isn’t involved in human trafficking, and isn’t involved in Brownstone operations of any kind, and never has been.  As for that matter, I’ll offer up the same challenge regarding James Alefantis.  Tell us if we’re all wrong on #Pizzagate.

How long, exactly, should we wait for the ‘fake news’ screamers before we grin and say, “We knew you couldn’t do it”?


Feds May Let Accused Pedophile Go to Keep Their Source Code Secret

In case you weren’t watching this whole disgusting saga, the FBI is in the business of running child porn sites on the Darknet.  In a twist even more sickening, they’re considering letting one of the suspects they caught go,  rather than disclose in court how exactly they do it.

In this case, US District Judge Robert Bryan eventually ordered the government to hand over the NIT’s source code. Since that May 2016 order, the government has classified the source code itself, thwarting efforts for criminal discovery in more than 100 Playpen-related cases that remain pending. In June 2016, prosecutors began the appeals process to the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, but they ultimately decided to abandon Michaud at the higher court.

Pay attention to that. Rather than hand over the source code, they’d rather let someone who they caught, actively seeking media depicting children being sexually assaulted, go on his merry way…and he’s just one of 135 active cases from this sting operation.

Defenders of the federal government being involved in this whole running-child-porn-site thing will tell you that the FBI actually just took over a site that was already running, and their objective was to turn it into what amounts to a roach motel (see what I did there?). Pedos can check in, but they can’t check out. The end justifies the means, we’re told.

The problem with this entire practice should be pretty obvious to anyone with a modicum of sanity and/or human decency. In order for the FBI to run a child porn site–regardless of their magnanimous intent and certainly-snow-white objectives, they have to offer child porn. In other words, they are actively participating in the ongoing victimization of children. Sorry for sending the Logic Fairy(tm) in to sprinkle some analytical dust but that’s the bottom line.

There’s no excuse for that.

The next logical question, by the way, is what they’re doing with the technology, if they’re not willing for anyone to know about it?

And don’t even give me the sources and methods line, either.


Through some fancy database and backend server work by some fairly gifted people I know, not only was I able to get my domain back, I was able to also get some other nasty surprises in the code cleaned up as well. It turns out my site was a bit more popular than I expected with certain folks who shall remain nameless.

While it’ll be a while before I can get all the old posts back up (since they were corrupted in several different ways and have to be redone manually), the good news is that the site is back, the domain is at a solid host, and PHS is finally good to go again.

I’ll be posting fairly often, since I’m now doing this full-time–not just here but on other sites too, including a new upcoming thinktank site.

I know better than anyone how completely annoying it is to have a site you read flipflopping and having issues, and I’m sorry for the last few months of crappiness, but I’m hoping those are all in the past and I can press on with providing solid content on a variety of topics like you’re used to.

Thanks for sticking around and supporting PHS over the last 2 years.