Confirmation Bias and You

This is an excellent primer of how stupid confirmation bias makes us look. 

Carnage in Chicago: Can Trump Actually Send in the Feds?

My piece at LN discusses the fact that no one is paying attention to: The issues in Chicago aren’t the kind that sending federal troops in will fix. What’s more, there’s that thorny little document called the Constitution. Sadly, it seems that Trump’s authoritarian side may have a bigger set of balls than it should.

The idea that the U.S. government can come in and stamp out the problems in Chicago seems a bit naïve. National Guard troops in Chicago would not change the culture there, and would not make fatherless black males with gangs for role models stop shooting each other in the streets. Bringing in more FBI agents would not fix the fact that according to the Guttmacher Institute, last year in Cook County alone there were 22,892 abortions – more than half of all abortions performed in the state.  In fact, it is arguable that government, bureaucracy, and politicians are the root of the problem. Federal troops won’t fix the problem in Chicago.  It will take a massive shift in culture and the mindset of its citizens and leaders.

President Trump should think long and hard before calling upon the federal government to go into Chicago and start throwing its weight around. Not only will it cause more violence, but it will also advance the idea that the Feds have every right to come into any state, push local and county authorities aside, and simply take over.

Move Over, Media

My latest article at Liberty Nation looks at the 180-degree turn that the Left has done with Wikileaks. (To be fair, the Right isn’t blameless either.)

Those days, however, are long gone, replaced by sycophants who email liberal presidential candidates their debate questions in advance and ask for guidance in how they should interview their opponents. Meanwhile, as scandals of horrific proportions played out on Wikileaks and individual citizens learned far more than they could ever stand to know about how corrupt Hillary Clinton and her crew were, the media decided Wikileaks had to be taken down. Suddenly Julian Assange was a pedophile. Facts didn’t matter—all that mattered was the narrative, and the narrative of the day is Democrats are off-limits.