Through some fancy database and backend server work by some fairly gifted people I know, not only was I able to get my domain back, I was able to also get some other nasty surprises in the code cleaned up as well. It turns out my site was a bit more popular than I expected with certain folks who shall remain nameless.

While it’ll be a while before I can get all the old posts back up (since they were corrupted in several different ways and have to be redone manually), the good news is that the site is back, the domain is at a solid host, and PHS is finally good to go again.

I’ll be posting fairly often, since I’m now doing this full-time–not just here but on other sites too, including a new upcoming thinktank site.

I know better than anyone how completely annoying it is to have a site you read flipflopping and having issues, and I’m sorry for the last few months of crappiness, but I’m hoping those are all in the past and I can press on with providing solid content on a variety of topics like you’re used to.

Thanks for sticking around and supporting PHS over the last 2 years.