Want Your Own Stingray? You Can Buy One

Alibaba.com has them for under $2000. Do a search for “IMSI catcher.”

I’m not advocating that you break the law with it; I’m just a fan of ensuring that the playing field is as level as possible.  I’m not responsible for your search being fruitful or constructive.

You’re welcome.

Also,  read the latest Schneier report.


Site Issues

UPDATE 0806 MST: All fixed.

There seems to be some issue with logging into the site. Thankfully, I have a backup account/method to get in. Pretty sure it’s a mod security thing. At any rate, I’ll be working on it today. You may not be able to log in but never fear, you’ll be able to send me hate mail again soon. 😉

In the meantime, go do something productive.

New TOWR Webinar: Infiltration

I will be teaching a new class via webinar on infiltration — how it’s done, why it works and how to NOT get caught in it.  Should be starting next month as soon as I finish the curriculum.

More info at Order of the White Rose.