Hard Truths and The Biggest Duty You Have

In 1978, Sir John Glubb wrote a paper entitled The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival. While many in the so-called ‘patriot movement’ have read it, far more have not — and that’s a shame, because reading it will show you something that will affect your entire mindset. Well, if you’re open to things like truth, it will.  And it’s freely available, so you don’t really have an excuse.

Fate of Empires shows a very disturbing truth about what happens to the great empires (or superpowers, if the term ’empire’ somehow offends you if applied to the US).  While I know some of you have read it, I’m going to assume that some of you haven’t, so I’ll recap.  From the introduction:

The experiences of the human race have
been recorded, in more or less detail, for
some four thousand years. If we attempt to
study such a period of time in as many
countries as possible, we seem to discover
the same patterns constantly repeated under
widely differing conditions of climate,
culture and religion.

I think we can all agree that humans are cyclical creatures — we tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over as a society and as a greater humankind.

I know you think that American exceptionalism makes us immune to such things, but stay with me.

The entire crux of Glubb’s research can be summed up in two major points. First, the chart below:

Do you see a trend?  Let me spell it out for you. Every single empire in recorded human history fell at an age of 200-250 years. This occurred irrespective of era, tech, culture, education, or military capability.  He didn’t even count the ones that are mentioned primarily in the Bible, or he’d have had a few more to add to the list.

How is this possible? These empires, regardless of environment, all lasted about 9-10 generations.

Glubb goes into the second commonality between all of these historical ‘master nations’ — they all followed an identical progression of stages, and while they may have ultimately ended due to invasion or financial ruin or cultural failure, they all followed the same progression.

  • The Age of Pioneers (outburst)
  • The Age of Conquests
  • The Age of Commerce
  • The Age of Affluence
  • The Age of Intellect
  • The Age of Decadence

How do you know a country has reached the age of decadence? You see the following indicators:

  • Defensiveness
  • Pessimism
  • Materialism
  • Frivolity
  • An influx of foreigners
  • The Welfare State
  • A weakening of religion

So where, pray tell, do you think the United States is on that timeline? If you need me to tell you THAT, you’re probably on the wrong site.

I told you all of that to tell you this:

If Glubb’s research is correct (and I see no reason to think it is not), then the United States as you know it will cease to exist in the next nine years, maximum.

Now, before you start screaming about Constitutions and militias and all the amazing, ballsy things you plan to do for liberty, consider the following:

1.  A 30-second perusal of what’s going on in this country right now will tell you that we are so deep into the Decadence age that we are on the tail end of it.

2. If you spend a fair amount of objective time and effort looking deeper than the regurgitated lies and narrative forced on you by the media, then you probably understand that the fall of the United States has already begun, and is actually in full swing.

Several people who know enough to intelligently discuss the matter see Balkanization as a very real probability.

Some of you might think, “well YEAH, let’s get our secession on!” That might be fine and awesome if you live in a place where you and people like you are the majority — and even then you’ll have a very sporting time. But what about the folks who are deep in ‘enemy territory,’ like California or New England?

I’ve been told that it’s cowardly to possess the viewpoint that the USA is lost. My lack of hope and belief in the ability to return to “the things that made America great” is a downer for some, who insist that the wrongs can be righted and the phoenix of individual liberties will rise again from the ashes or something. I do believe that individual liberty could rise again. I just also paid attention to the “ashes” part that comes first.

Here’s the thing. It’s not cowardly to assess the situation and understand it for what it is, rather than what we want or even need it to be. If anything, being able to set emotion aside and objectively see the predicament we’re in makes you better prepared to deal with it.

If you insist on believing that there is hope for this carcass of a nation, because militias and Constitutional rights, then you haven’t been paying attention nearly as well as you think.  There are a few things you need to understand.

a) The Constitution, while brilliant in its time, is dead. It is largely ignored in the courts and on the streets.  This is evident by watching the shenanigans in Nevada, or the protests in which cops are ordered to allow and even encourage violence. It’s obvious in the fact that when some cops do choose to become tyrants, they often do so with the tacit approval of their departments, who either look the other way or award them for their actions. In fact, the very people who are supposed to defend you in this corrupt system, are currently calling for gun confiscation and ex parte orders. Yes, the American Bar Association, many of whom are criminal defense lawyers, want your guns taken away.

b) The surveillance state is complete. You cannot hide from it anymore, unless you are willing to engage in a lifestyle that is painstakingly annoying and lacking in technology — and even then, you can’t hide completely because eventually you have to use a piece of societal infrastructure. This means that unless you are engaging in a very specific type of action, in a very specific kind of way, bolstered by a very specific level of tradecraft, they will always know what you’re doing before you do it — and if the current situation is any indication, they’ll already have someone near you to ‘help’ you do it whether you were actually doing it or not.

c) Your absolute, core level, most important job in this nation is to raise and train the next generation. If you have kids and you’re setting them aside to run all over the countryside “defending freedom” then you are abdicating your biggest role — and your kids will grow up not even understanding what the point was. Teaching your kids that “Daddy’s missing your birthday because he’s defending liberty at a rally” is NOT the same as sitting down with them every day and training them to think critically, to be self-sufficient, to understand what the principles of liberty are, and to have the intestinal fortitude to act with grace, courage, and strength in a world gone mad. If you’re a parent, that’s your first, top, most critical purpose. As a friend of mine says: It’s “God, family, THEN country.” You can go to every rally imaginable — but if your kids aren’t getting raised in the truth, then what you’re doing is all for nothing because they won’t be able to carry it on — and they won’t have the balls to do it even if they manage to pick up the concept.

d) Going to a protest and acting like you have the authority of the cops or military is not the same as deploying as the military or working as a cop.  Some might say they are “assisting law enforcement,” but if you haven’t been given authority, you don’t have any — and while it does happen, it’s certainly not the norm. Showing up to a rally that isn’t even yours, looking like you just crawled out of a surplus clearance sale doesn’t give you authority. In fact, if you roll up to a rally armed and dressed like you’re about to take Fallujah, you’re no different than Antifa — you just have better patches and a rifle instead of a club. And who do you think will be seen as the bigger threat — the kids with clubs, rage, and the support of the media and half of the powers that be? Or the guys who look like they have a Charles Whitman fantasy and just need a tower?

e) You and your friends will not somehow overcome a trend that has been present in all of recorded human history. I hate to say it, but it’s true. All your flags and camo gear and standing at rallies will not change the cycle of all humanity. If every single empire that has ever stood ended in 250 years at the most, what in God’s green earth makes you so arrogant as to think that you will somehow be the exception to the rule? Oh, that’s right — you have God on your side, yes? That’s the difference? Here’s the brutal truth. Solomon’s empire was the strongest, richest, and even wisest of all. He had everything, including the blessing of the Almighty, and his countrymen thrived under his rule — until that sentence you see over and over in Old Testament era history: “Every man did what was right in his own eyes.”  That sentence always signaled the end, because it means the society in question had reached the age of decadence. And it always comes — because humans are all the same.

All of this adds up a very simple fact: You can’t stop the tsunami that is coming; you’re not going to be able to “restore” anything. You can, however, shift your mindset to preparing for how to survive it, as opposed to failed attempts at preventing it. You can make it through the storm, come out the other side, and possibly start something even better — unless you’re in jail or dead, of course, which is where it seems the movement is hell-bent on getting to, and the gov is all too happy to oblige.

You can stand on a street corner at a rally with your camo, shemagh and patches all flipping day but if your kids aren’t getting trained, you’re failing. If you’re too busy running your mouth on Facebook and posting memes to read the books that will educate you, and train your mind, you’re failing. If you’ve got every piece of military gear known to man but you haven’t the faintest idea how to be sustainable without the food/water/power infrastructure, you’re failing.  And if you’re on food stamps or government assistance because you can’t support your family, but you’ve got money to go to rallies, you are the ultimate failure, because you preach a doctrine of self-determination that you cannot even bother to live by.

Let’s STOP failing, and let’s stop pretending. Prep for the situation that IS, not the one you desperately want it to be.

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  1. Just had this conversation today with a few conservative Christian co-workers. They believe that the pendulum will began reversing and in 20 years the next generation will be pushing the envelope to the right. Of course this completely ignores history and the fact that we have been taking an ass kicking since the Great Depression. I hope that you and I are wrong. But I don’t think that we are.

    1. Obviously these conservative Christian co-workers do not understand the Book of Revelation in the Bible. If they did, they would tell you that we are living in the end times, and that there will be a 7 year Tribulation period which we will very soon be entering and in which over 90% of the population will not survive. You can see how to prepare for it and the sequence of events here. http://www.itshisstory.com

  2. As I approach my 76 year I reflect on the thought that until 50 I was still naive, and thought that our leaders were fair and just.
    This article certainly nails it down.
    Thank you for the eye opener!
    A very intelligent

  3. So, in other words:

    “Bend over, grab your ankles and kiss your ass goodbye.”

    The essay simply reads as and endorses , defeatism.

    1. Defeatism? How so? I’m guessing you’re one of those folks who thinks that yes, you’ll be part of the first group in all of recorded human history to change the trend. It’s not defeatism to see things for what they are. I’m not saying “oh, fighting for liberty is worthless.” I’m saying that in order to truly GET what you’re asking for, you’re going to have to go through a massive upheaval first, in which the country you know, AS you know it, first ceases to exist. That’s not to say you can’t make something out of what’s left.

      1. No man is an island unto himself, the survivors will need to band together. Even in a tribe there is a pecking order. A specialty skill determines your status. It would be wise to make oneself as valuable to the tribe as possible. The time to begin is now.

  4. Deep down I know this is coming. With the time lines presented of many nations and cultures, the end result then is the human condition is to blame. Not Dems or Repubs nor facists or conservatives or pick your favorite group.
    What I see is happening is the elites are trying to create a soft landing for coming demise. And they possibly maybe setting the one world agenda to create a blended race without borders to try to eradicate these forces of human nature but alas, alas, they- the gate keepers will fall victim to the cycle as well.

  5. Very nicely done. As you likely know further examination of the Old Testament reveals additional truths about the hand of God being removed from a people. I’ll state it simply; you can’t kill 60 million babies and get away with it. God won’t allow that. America is over. Of course there are the unjust warring for decades and sodomites running rampant with state sanction among others.

    A non believer or even many believers may view these as symptoms of your ‘age of decadence”. I disagree. They are causal to the age of decadence and therefor the nail in the nation’s coffin as the LORD condemns and then destroys it.

      1. God is NOT causing this! He gave us complete authority and dominion over this world as stated in Genesis. We have free will as he promised! However, we have allowed the enemy, Satan, to be the god of our world, evil influence abounds and most have turned their backs from Christianity and all that is right and just. Get back to Jesus!

      2. Why would he. We don’t honor him. Most don’t attend Church or worship regularly, don’t tithe, pray, follow his commandments, keep Sunday as he told us to. Those who know him will be saved. Those children who are innocent will be saved. But for the rest, the Tribulation will be hell on Earth and most won’t survive. We’ve brought this on ourselves and have no one to blame but ourselves. But it’s not to late. Repent and accept Jesus as your Savior. Time is running out.

  6. This is an excellent article and your point about raising the next generation is precisely correct. The next generation needs to be trained to reconstruct society out of the ashes of the collapse with the rule of law, based on the ideals embodied in the constitution, at the heart of any new social construct. Rule of law meaning a restraint on state power with individual liberty being the cornerstone and bulwark against government power that always becomes arbitrary and corrupt. If anything, a new constitution needs to include direct and severe penalties against politicians or state actors that intrude on the rights of the citizens. Let’s hope that we can let people live in freedom, whatever race, color, or creed, as long as they abide by the principles of liberty

    1. A worthy hope. It is very clear there are ongoing efforts to topple the current government. We see it from people in congress. We see it in the controlled media. We see it in the paid, orchestrated riots that are escalating. There is little guarantee of a chance to rebuild any time soon. Think Russia in the early 20th century. They were plunged into an 80 year nightmare. Given the expanse of the U.S. empire, I expect this time will be much worse than that, I’m afraid to say.

  7. When Trump won, as a Canadian, I was thrilled for about half a day. Then reality hit me in the face. The trajectory of the country is not going to change. A site worth keeping an eye on is http://www.deagel.com. They make forecasts for the nations up to 2025. They see by then the U.S. is decimated! My wife, in scorn, said there is no way they can know this! This article here can’t make it any clearer where this is going. This will not be stopped because of the decadence that exists. It’s everywhere, like a fast spreading cancer. And the clock is ticking.

  8. Exceptionally well done. The writing has helped me come to terms with my feeling of helplessness. The die is cast. I especially fond the points of decadence to be spot on,,, scary spot on.

    God help us all.

    1. I love your comment, because you strike on something that a lot of people are feeling. As you can see in one of the other comments, the idea that we are preaching ‘defeatism’ leads to depression and helplessness…thereby leading to a lack of motivation and preparing. Looking at it as a logical known quantity changes your thinking, and actually gives you a bit of hope — not for what’s here, but for what can be.

      I get why people feel that way; when this system is all you’ve ever known, I think it takes an incredible amount of courage to push through the horrors and believe that something better is on the other side.

      The thing that people forget is that the founders didn’t try to ‘restore’ anything because there WAS nothing to restore. They did exactly what we need to do: They allowed the ashes to come, believing that they would be able to forge something on the other side. The only (and very notable) difference is, the founders forced the ashes. We don’t — it’s coming no matter what.

  9. The unfortunate truths presented in this article are unavoidable. You can argue against them, deny them, ignore them. But, they’re not going away.
    I choose to be a realist in the room. I don’t see the situation getting better anytime soon. “Protesters” are allowed to bash people’s heads in, but how dare a cop use any type of force to subdue a criminal.
    Our institutes of higher learning have become the cauldron of socialist brainwashing for our children and we’re paying through the nose for it. Apparently, that’s ok with our elected officials charged with protecting our country and its citizens. An occasional terrorist financier might get arrested and deported, but the band plays on.. and the “education” of our kids is managed by the likes of antifa “community organizers”.
    I love my country, but I hate what it’s become. I mourn its loss on a daily basis. My father had a saying “Nothing changes until there’s a crisis”. The older I get, the smarter he was.

  10. The cycle is correct i hate to say.The end is now! YAHWAH has removed his hand of blessings and abundance.Their are individual ‘s that will be held accountiable and you see them everytime you look in a mirror.It is not merely our generation,but all the the past ones as well. YAHWAH’S curse’s he tells us in the book of DUE. are manifesting day to day.We have forgotten the GOD of our fathers , We have sought and attain the worldly pleasures of this life and forgot the foundations and principles that once made the country great. We forgot as scripture tell us to be the watchman on the wall . We were naive to think people were honorable instead corrupt. The sins of this nation,these people and this government will be shown to us all ,before judgement arrives. BUT A PROMISE AND A MIRACLE ! ” 2Ch 7:14  and My people upon whom My Name is called, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their evil ways, then I shall hear from the heavens, and forgive their sin and heal their land.


  11. I haven’t much to offer except that I agree with the author and, like several of the other commenters have expressed, I can accept this and move on with the few remaining years of my life. I’ve long felt that our nation is now too broken, too corrupt, too callous, too indifferent and, unfortunately, largely too stupid to make a course correction. And the justice of it is blazingly apparent especially when I factor in the atrocities we have committed on the planet itself as well as each other. My final hope is that we don’t further destroy the planet and its ecology as a last suicidal act.

    1. I am in a similar position, my friend. I’m at the stage where I have no great expectations or worldly ambitions (ha ha) and intend to spend my time – which in the final analysis is all we really have – getting my own mind and soul right with my Creator.

      I’ll walk around and participate in life, yes. But all of it is with a sense of being one step removed from it. Maybe thinking this way is, in part, an age thing. But anyone with eyes to see who understands what is going on in our societies today is in the same boat. Whether they realise it or not.

      Excellent article btw. Well written, informative and important.

  12. Another well written article that will for the most part fall on deaf ears…The pain isn’t hitting hard enough for most people to drive them out of their comfort zone…When people thought that Hillary was going to be President you should of seen the amount of inquiring that went on to get out of their area and as soon as Trump got in almost every person decided it wasn’t top priority anymore even though their neighborhood hasn’t got any better… Instead of using this time to get situated they are squandering it…Sad That…

  13. Why isn’t the Byzantine Empire mentioned?
    The Thousand years or so of Egyptian Empire during the pre Ptolemy period? The Olmecs which lasted some 800 years.

    That chart seems rather cherry picked. Not to say the US would last another few centuries, but the central thesis is suspect.

    1. It wasn’t mentioned because they did the same thing that Hitler did.. exclude the juice from all of the control areas of the empire. Banking, politics, etc. That’s also why Germany was attacked by every nation the juice could convince to go to war for them against Germany. A few years ago, it was Libya.

  14. ” that sentence you see over and over in Old Testament era history: “Every man did what was right in his own eyes”

    You may note that there is NO objective value assigned to that statement in the OT.

    Contrast that with the verse repeated over & over in Kings/Numbers/Chronicles – “and the king led the people to sin”.

  15. Good point. The numbers seem ripe, er right. There is no more than 20-30 years of the END of this age when looked at Israel becoming a nation and taking over the temple. One turd of that for America to fall so the “end” can take over.

    Two, when dividing the numbers of either 40 years or 75 years of one generation they fall between 210 and 240 years with the multiplier of 3 or 6. Both numbers are Biblical END numbers

  16. the key to God’s help is that the nation repent . this nation will not repent.
    doesn’t mean God will not save individuals [Lot from sodom] but when sussannah brought the people to pray it was every one of them, not a handful only.
    when so many termites have eaten the nation it cannot help but crumble.
    keep praying.
    this is not despair, it is looking reality square in the eye while there may be time to lessen the aftereffects upon our selves and our children.
    we must each seek God and His will for our families.

    1. The juice weren’t part of either empire’s power and banking structure. An host can live a long time without parasites.

    2. China’s history has alternated between native Chinese and barbarian dynasties of varying lengths, from a few dozen years to a few centuries (Glubb’s numbers are still roughly correct). Each dynasty ended in chaos and anarchy, when the empire would fall apart. After a few dozen years, somebody would start reassembling the pieces to establish a new empire.

  17. It is not defeatism to accept reality and plan accordingly. I mean, how can anyone look around and not realize that not only are we sinking into the depths of decadence, but the pace is accelerating at a remarkable rate. Nine years may be optimistic.

  18. This can’t be stopped? I don’t agree. To date we Americans have not even tried to stop the things that are happening. 99% of Christians and conservatives will gladly shop with Target, Home Depot, fly on the major airlines and deposit their hard-earned money with mega-banks.

    As things have gotten progressively worse and obvious, I’ve been especially critical of Steve Quayle, Alex Jones and the other alternative media commentators.

    I don’t recall a single one of them proposing anything we can do to stop this. I’ve been doing for 40 years what it takes to stop this, stop shopping with the large corporations who are paying for the destruction of our Republic. You get a minimum of 5 million and there isn’t a member of the S&P 500 that sells consumer products and services that can stay in business without meeting our demands.

    And the results will be immediate, within a couple of week. We get 20 or 30 million folks to join boycotts, Wall Street will be singing our tune in a matter of days.

    1. Mark,
      I agree with you in theory, but how in the world do you get 20 or 30 million folks to join boycotts? Even Rush Limbaugh, the biggest voice out there, has but 20 million listeners, and most of them shop at Target. Damn, I even had to buy something on Amazon because, after over an hour of dedicated searching, I could not find what I needed anywhere else (except Alibaba). I don’t EVER shop at Target, Starbucks, Lowes, or any other big box store. I almost cannot wait until my iPhone 4S dies, so I can throw it away without guilt… except all the Linux phones have died on the vine and the other choice is Android. (BTW, Apple & JP Morgan are now contributing MILLIONS to a hate group, the SPLC).
      The author is right… teach your children (and more especially your grandchildren) how to live rightly. Say Grace, ask for forgiveness, ask for guidance, and never, ever give up. But have a plan to survive what we ALL know, and have known for our entire lives, is coming. Get out of the cities, however you need to do it. Learn to farm, learn how to weld, learn how to repair stuff. Stop pushing paper around, and actually produce something. Only the producers will survive.
      The United States is over, except for the song from the fat lady. If you don’t know what you should do already, get on the prepper sites and learn. Time is short.

  19. As for the “rise from the ashes” dream that many have after the possible fall of this nation; true if we live in a vacuum but it ignores a little place called China who desperately need resources and “liebensraum” (living space). They will fill the void so quickly it’ll make your head spin and I am sure they have the plan all laid out. Does anyone actually believe our enemies will just lay back and allow the good ole USA to reset into a 2.0 version? The fall of the USA means the dark ages 2.0 for this planet for the duration of its existence.

  20. I thank GOD that he is in control. We are living in the dispensation
    of Grace. The apasole Paul’s ministry, begining in the book of
    Acts shows how we are to walk in faith and believe in Jesus Christ
    as our savior. The next thing on GODS agenda is the rapture of the
    Church, the body of Christ, then the seven year tribulation. When
    Christ returns to rule the world. Praise the Lord, He is in control.

  21. After reading this article and the original work by Sir John Grubb, I sent it to a colleague who is married to a history professor. I received the following response and now submit it for your consideration.
    “The U.Va. history major who lives with me says the dates are wrong.
    Cyrus the Great came to power 559 BC, not 538 BC (add 20 years to the longevity number)
    The Roman Republic began in 500 BC, not 260
    The Roman Empire collapsed in 476 AD, not 180.
    You should know it was still going strong when Constantine the Great adopted Christianity in 313/314 AD.
    The Byzantine Empire (not shown on the chart) went from 324 AD to 1453 (a little over 1100 years).
    He also said the Byzantine Empire began in an age of decadence and went up and down from there. They trashed the Islamic empires (especially in Syria) in in 900 AD. So not all empires followed the pattern.
    The Romanoff / Russian empire began in 1613 ended with the Bolshevik revolution in 1916, and it was more of a family reign than an actual empire.
    And the Ottoman Empire lasted until 1918 (after WWI), not 1570. A slight difference of nearly 400 years.
    The Holy Roman Empire lasted from 600 to 1800 AD, but it was more a confederation than a true empire.
    As to the Age of Decadence for the U.S. lasting only 9 more years, he said in the Roman Empire the Age of Decadence lasted over a century.

    It seems Grubb has interposed his own numbers to prove his theory.
    Don’t throw in the towel, yet.”

  22. well put my friend the principles of liberty include not only rights, but responsibilities.. Too many people demanding rights today don’t seem to want to take any responsibility for their own actions.

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