Facial Recognition Scans At Airports Starting

As if you needed another reason not to fly anymore.  Must read.

I’d love to write a long post about the background of this move, and how evil it is, but in reality the article lays it out as plainly as I could have.  it is every bit as bad as you think, and far worse.

The bottom line here is that there is no escape from the surveillance state anymore. I’m not advocating that you give up trying to be private or protecting your information — it just means that you have to be very careful. Local, local, local. Old school, non-internet based comms and operations.  As I said on Gab recently, if people aren’t close enough to show up in a timely manner if your house is on fire, they’re too far away for you to be coordinating activities with. If you need internet/phone to talk to them, they’re too far away.

There is nowhere you go, nothing you do online, no one you talk to on your phone that is not being listened to, tracked, and collated. Understand that.

Don’t bother with the “well, they can come GET SOME.” We are so far past the point where that sounds idiotic.  There’s this defeatist idea that people might as well not even bother with privacy because the surveillance state is so entrenched, or that “if they want to be bored by my data, go ahead.”

What you don’t understand is that they aren’t bored at all. They are making decisions about you based on that data. They are making choices about your family, about how they’ll handle you, your loved ones, and your associates — whether that be next week or next year. They’re modeling your personality and deciding who’s worth approaching to turn over, who can be leveraged, where to put their infiltrators, or who needs to be simply removed.  They’re predicting what you’ll do, how you think, what they can expect from you.  Some of that data you can’t help giving them because you drive on roads, you get picked up on cameras, etc. But the rest of it? You give it to them.

You’re talking about a government who collectively did not blink before putting a bullet in a woman’s head while she held her baby, who didn’t think twice about putting a shape charge on a room filled with women and children.  Who have done even worse than that.  Do you really think they’ll have a problem with using your data against you if it’s advantageous to them?

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