Chasing Conflict Isn’t Noble

We always hear these stories about people running towards the sound of gunfire. It’s meant as a compliment, usually, this idea that when it’s all hitting the fan and people are running for their lives, there are a few among us who have the balls to set aside their personal safety in order to stop the threat.

In the ‘patriot’ movement there are plenty of those kinds of people. Unfortunately, there’s another kind of person too. They tell you they’d run toward gunfire as well; what they don’t tell you is that they wake up every morning hoping there’s gunfire…maybe even trying to provoke some.

A lot of folks seem to mistake brashness for courage, and provocation as fortitude. The problem with this is that brashness isn’t courage. Provocation isn’t fortitude.


People who desperately want conflict aren’t noble. The ones running around daring people to ‘violate their rights’ or trying to spark altercations aren’t somehow braver than the rest of us. In fact, some of these folks want it so bad they’re willing to throw not only their own caution out the window, but they’ll endanger others. They’ll give away information, or throw people under the bus by involving them.

People who understand that conflict is coming and are preparing for it is one thing. People who think it’s not coming fast enough and want to help it all along? They’re a problem, and you should be avoiding them like the plague.


3 Replies to “Chasing Conflict Isn’t Noble”

  1. Excellent point, Kit!
    Also, there is they type that will talk a good talk, but when it comes to counting on them, they melt down. Both types are dangerous.

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