Basics of Resistance: Available for Pre-Order

The long-awaited day is here–and believe me, it’s REALLY long-awaited for Claire and I. The book is finished, it’s live on Amazon a bit early, and it’s available for pre-order right now.

it’s called Basics of Resistance, and it’s the first of what we hope will be several books in The Practical Freedomista series.

If you want to read the introduction–aka Who Is This Book For?–you can do so on the book’s website, There’s also more  information about some of the concepts explained in the book and how to appropriately use them.

The title has the  word “basics” for a reason; this isn’t a be-all, end-all of resistance. What it IS, is a starting point for people who want to do more than go to yet another rally or hold up yet another sign.  It’s for the millennials who know something is desperately wrong and want to do something about it.

A few folks have asked for a table of contents or list of topics. Here’s a smattering:

  • How to create a group (or find the right one)
  • How to plan an action
  • Ideas for actions
  • Cover for action/cover for status
  • What kinds of people to look for (and avoid)
  • Why you should be doing this at all
  • Some of the folks you haven’t heard about who did it–the right way

There’s also some discussion on who YOU need to be if you decide to step into the resistance world.

The book is currently the #1 new release in Amazon’s Civil Rights and Liberties section, so we’re pretty stoked about that.

We’re also going to have an online launch party; on April 19th, the release date, we’ll be in a free webinar answering questions from readers and talking about some of the concepts in the book.  I’ll put up more on that later.

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    1. Yes there will be a paperback edition as well. It’s in final layout and will be done before the 19th release date.

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