What if you could go to one site and read material from five authors you already follow? What if you could get everything from gear reviews to tradecraft lessons to current affairs analysis to comms to counterintelligence in one place, from people you already follow? Enter

AP is made up of people recognized in their own field, who are bringing their skills and experience to the table to provide top-notch content, analysis, and how-to information. The site seeks to provide a home for those who understand that in order to save liberty, we must also save Western culture.

The Authors

With these five people, we can cover all of the following topics:

  • Tactical Concerns
  • Firearms and Ammo
  • Skills Training
  • Gear Reviews
  • Improvised and Grid-Down Communications
  • Preparedness
  • Homesteading
  • Counterintelligence & Tradecraft
  • Activism and Resistance
  • Current Affairs and Analysis
  • Liberty Philosophy and History
  • Basic Ditch Medical

In other words, a fairly well-rounded education for those so inclined. Check out the site, and let us know what you think.

Don’t worry. I’ll still be over here at PHS too.


8 Replies to “ Launches”

  1. Heard about this through Kit and the PHS. Looks interesting and I’ll look forward to reading some great stuff. I’ve subscribed to the newsletter…

    Thanks for putting this together!


  2. I hate the format of– questions, but no answers. And, if you tell me that answers are there, shame on you for not making WHERE more apparent.

    Sorry, Kit– I liked your PHS format much better.

    1. Are you disliking the aesthetics of the site? Or is your beef with the content itself? The aesthetics are what they are, at least for now, but if you’d rather get the articles in a more linear fashion you can always subscribe and get them in email instead. If your concern is with the content, can you elaborate? It IS only the second day we’ve been up, after all. 😉

  3. Went there last night. Liked the site. Left a couple comments. Can’t get to the site today. Can’t get to the site with both Opera and Firefox current versions.

    I pray that I didn’t offend and that the site is merely down.

    Ps. I got your new book. It’s next on my reading list.

    Thanks, ProGunFred

  4. I left a comment in “ESCALATING EAST-WEST TRADE WAR” by Mr. James and the comment poofed, gone. It didn’t say “going to moderation” or whatever. I’m kinda sad about it because I didn’t think to copy it first.

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