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A Spy's Guide to Thinking
it was amazing
Quick and dirty but effective For those already familiar with the OODA loop this may serve as a refresher as it was for me. But from an Intel standpoint its excellent for beginners who aren't quite familiar with the process. Can't beat ...

Agents of Influence

Grugq has an excellent article up about agents of influence, and how the media is being used by state actors. In response, Sean Gallagher at Ars Technica explores it further. Read them...

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Contact Issues

There’s an error in the contact form on the site at the moment. It sends the email, but does not send me your reply address. I’ll be fixing it this week. The bad news is that if you’ve used the contact form in the last 2 days, I can’t respond...

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Summer Zervos: Trump Accuser

For those interested in Statement Analysis, I offer this article. It looks at the statements of yet another Trump accuser, Summer Zervos. Is she being deceptive? Statement Analysis shows the truth.  Keep in mind that the results don’t...

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Kit Perez holds a bachelor's degree with honors in Counterintelligence, and is currently finishing her Master's thesis in Intelligence Studies. She specializes in deception detection (Statement Analysis), psychological profiling, and HUMINT.

She has been blogging since 2004 at a variety of sites, and is currently one of the organizers of the Order of the White Rose, a decentralized group that offers training to patriots in areas such as digital security, privacy, deception detection, communications and more.

She can be found on as @audax0, as well as Protonmail and even Steem. (Please note that there are two profiles at Steem: @kitperez, an old and locked out account, and @audax0, the current one.)

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